Nostalgia and Movies

Nostalgia can be a comforting distraction during troubled times. While the 'good old days' weren't always the best of times for everyone, we all have a time or a place that we feel nostalgic about that comforts us. Watching a movie can transport you to another time, another place - even if it was just last year. It might be exactly what your overstressed mind needs now. 

A note to movie buffs: Sometimes a movie is considered by critics and cinema fans to be a masterpiece. That doesn't mean it's a movie that you would watch to escape from life's troubles. For example, 'Schindler's List, opens a new window' - it's certainly a great film worthy of all the accolades, but it's also profoundly sad. The movies on the lists below are not meant to cause despair; they're meant to be enjoyed.

If you would like to watch one of these movies with a child and you want to know if the movie is age-appropriate, visit the website, opens a new window and search for the title of the movie. Some titles have multiple versions, so take note of the year the movie was released. Common Sense Media has not reviewed every movie ever made, but we recommend it as a good place to check for what content to expect from a movie.

To watch a preview of any movie, visit The Internet Movie Database, opens a new window and type the title of the movie in the search box. When you find the page with info about the movie, click or tap on the "play" icon on the large image to watch the preview.

Bonus Binge Boxes! Did you know that St. Tammany Parish Library now has DVD sets called "Binge Boxes?" These are DVD sets that have a common theme, such as "Don't Mess with Denzel," which includes 6 movies starring Denzel Washington, or "Disney Warrior Princesses," which includes 6 movies with princesses who are courageous warriors. Tap or click here, opens a new window to see a complete list of "Binge Box" titles. Some of the titles are still "on order," and you can place a hold now, but many are available now on the shelves at our library branches.

And in case you forgot or didn't know, St. Tammany Parish Library's Hoopla service has movies (as well as ebooks, audiobooks, comic books, and music albums). If you haven't already tried it out, now is a great time to try Hoopla. You can either download the app at the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, or at the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads. Or you can skip the app, and simply use your computer's or device's web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) to visit the Hoopla Digital website,, opens a new windowFor help with Hoopla, visit this part of the website, opens a new window, or contact one of St. Tammany Parish Library's reference librarians, opens a new window.

If you need assistance finding any of the DVDs on this list, please call your nearest St. Tammany Parish Library branch, opens a new window.

Everyone has their own personal favorites and go-to fandoms, of course, but take a look at these lists for some general suggestions. St. Tammany Parish Library has so many good movies that we had to make four lists! Happy viewing!

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