Oceans of Possibilities!

This year's summer reading theme is Oceans of Possibilities! We have so many books about the ocean, sea creatures, and fictional adventures that take place in or around the seas!


The Mermaids of New Orleans

This is the tale of some local mermaids that live around New Orleans and come to land once a year for a very special holiday! The book really shows off local buildings and traditions with a touch of whimsy.


Oona is a brave mermaid that goes treasure-hunting with her otter pup! They come across a beautiful crown and must figure out how to get to it. Oona must believe in herself to get what she wants, and learns an important lesson. This book also has a sequel!



In this story, mermaids are in charge of taking care of the ocean. Pearl is a young mermaid who wishes to feel included. When her mother entrusts her with only something small, she feels heartbroken until she realizes sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference.


Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

The modern world can be dangerous for a wild animal! Learn about the true story of an elephant seal that lived in a town in New Zealand! In their quest to deliver her back home, people learned more about elephant seals.

Out and About at the Aquarium

This book gives a simple overview about a group of kids on a field trip to the aquarium. They learn all about the fish and other animals that live there! It's a great primer for a real trip, as it contains great information about reefs, sharks, habitats, and conservation.

We also have other ocean books at the library, so come check them out!