Planning Ahead for When You’re Older

Thinking about yourself getting old and dying is difficult. It's common to try to avoid making plans for these eventualities. Nevertheless, as you age, it's likely that you'll begin to ask yourself questions like:

How can I prepare for retirement?

How can I make the most of my "golden years?"

How can I get the medical care I need in the future?

What can I do when I'm no longer able to take care of myself?

What kind of funeral service and burial do I want?

How can I make sure that my assets are distributed properly after I die?

As you mature, you come to realize the necessity of making decisions about your retirement, old age and death. 

Your St. Tammany Parish Library has resources, books, and links to websites that can help you explore the possibilities as you plan ahead:

Planning Ahead for When You're Older

It's almost never too soon to plan ahead. Will preparing for your future be liberating, morbid, or a little bit of both? You'll find out for yourself when you plan ahead for when you're older.

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