Remembering World War I: St. Tammany Parish Answers the Call to Battle, Part 2

War ads were prevalent in the St. Tammany Farmer during World War I. The ads were placed to garner financial support for those St. Tammany residents who were overseas fighting in the conflict.


War ads continued during the course of the war after the first initial draft of St. Tammany Parish men. The last ads were noted at the end of the war to raise monetary support for returning soldiers of the war. The end of the war noted a sense of calm and normalcy to St. Tammany Parish. Returning soldiers were returned to their homes, while casualties of the war were mourned by their families and neighbors.

Part 3 of this series discusses the cessation of the war, the economy of St. Tammany Parish at the end of the war, and local support for returning soldiers. Honorary recognition of St. Tammany Parish World War I veterans, local commemorations and website links to World War I veterans will be noted at the end of the next blog in the series.