Snowy Winter Books

This cold weather is the perfect time for a book, and these books will make you want to get cozy with some hot cocoa next to the fire!



This is a poetic look at the snowfall on a school day. School lets out and a girl goes out to play with a friend and then spends a happy evening with her grandmother. This book celebrates the unadulterated joy children may have when seeing and playing in the snow.

The Lemon Sisters

An eighty-year old woman sees three girls having fun in the snow and reminisces on her days as a young girl herself, playing outside with her sisters. She remembers making lemon ices with them in her youth, and then teaches the three young girls how to make lemon ices. This book shows friendship and sisterhood.


First Snow

Sancho's family welcomes his cousin Pedro over and all the children go out to play. This is Pedro's first snow day, and all the children show him how to have fun in it.


The city has lots of brave trucks who help put out fires and fix power lines. The garbage truck doesn't seem to do anything but collect trash. When the city is hit by a snowstorm, Supertruck comes out to save the day! This story is great for younger kids, with simple sentences and colorful illustrations.



Goose Moon

When the geese fly away, that means winter is coming. Grampa tells his granddaughter that when the Goose Moon comes, the geese follow the stars back home, and they herald the beginning of spring. This teaches kids about the seasons and shows a sweet grandfather/granddaughter bond. This story is also inspired by Native American folklore.

Enjoy these books and others across the parish at our different library locations. We have so many winter books that this blog doesn't even skim the surface.