Spotlight: Infinity Train

Infinity Train is a sci-fi mystery created by Owen Dennis and first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2019.  Initially broadcast as a limited series, the positive reception for Infinity Train garnered three more seasons on HBO Max, two of which are available to check out from your local library.

The premise is set up in the first season with Tulip Olsen, a 12 year-old girl who runs away from home when her parents are unable to take her to game design camp.  After taking a wayward train, she finds herself unable to leave.  The cars appear to have no end in sight, and she has a glowing number on her palm.  What does it mean?  How can she get home?  And what level of danger should she prepare for while she's a passenger?

The series approaches its seasons as an anthology, which each new season focusing on another passenger and their experiences while on board.  The joy of watching this show comes from the character interactions and their growth over the season.  The mystery of the train, its inner workings, and its effect on the passengers are also gradually unveiled, although the basic things to know are shown in Tulip's season.

Infinity Train has attracted a strong, loyal fanbase from day one.  When the pilot was released on Cartoon Network's Youtube page in 2016, the attention it received cemented a greenlight for a series proper.  But, the run was cut shorter than both fans and Dennis had expected.

Behind-the-scenes, Infinity Train was cancelled at the end of season four, and as of the writing of this article, the series is no longer available to view on HBO Max.  Whether you've been meaning to revisit this title or haven't picked it up yet, checking out from your local library is currently one of the only means of access to this show.  Even if it's a fraction of what was released and even less of what may have been planned, I highly recommend you visit the title to see what the hype and love for Infinity Train has been about.

Thank you for reading.