Remembering Stephen Sondheim

Today we are remembering the life and work of notable composer Stephen Sondheim.  Sondheim created musical scores reflecting dark or mature subject matter, and his acrobatic rhyming abilities made for unforgettable lyrics.  His songs remain in our heads to this day, and his contributions to the American musical are still being felt in contemporary theatre.…
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Navigating the Discworld

It's the most uniquely shaped world of its kind. Held up by four elephants who stand upon the back of the magnificent Star Turtle, Great A'Tuin--welcome to the Discworld! Discworld is a series of humorous fantasy novels written by the late Sir Terry Pratchett from 1983 to 2015, totalling 41 books.  This may sound overwhelming…
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Beverly Cleary: Authentic Childhood

Today we're celebrating the accomplishments of Beverly Cleary, an author whose books have appealed to young readers everywhere.  The reason why is simple--she wrote conflicts and relationships that felt authentic to children.   The kids written in these stories act like friends and classmates we know.  They were imperfect, and their growing pains reflect the struggles…
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