They Came from the Internet!

In my newspaper treasuries article, I briefly discussed webcomics.  Similar to newspaper strips, webcomics are strips or comic pages posted online.  This method of storytelling has been around as long as the Internet itself, estimating over 30 years worth of generated content.  They're a relatively new addition to the literary canon, and they aren't restricted to Internet access.  Webcomics have been picked up and distributed by publishing houses and crowdfunding, and the St. Tammany Parish Libraries have some of these titles available to check out today!

Let's get into it.

From our Juvenile Collection

Ozy and Millie
Now known for Phoebe and her Unicorn, Dana Simpson's debut comic starring a wolf and fox shows the beginnings of her brand of humor.  Focusing on their day-to-day lives, Ozy and Millie is a nice read for anyone wanting that Sunday strip feel with cute animal characters.

Cucumber Quest
This fantasy-adventure stars Cucumber, a chosen one who would much rather be going to magic school than defeating an ancient evil.  With his sword-wielding sister, a cowardly knight, and other friends down the line, Cucumber must take down the Disaster Masters and strike down the Nightmare Knight, lest he begin to understand the gravity of his task.

From our Young Adult Collection

Check, Please!
Presented with a vlog-like narration, this is an excellent book about college dudes playing hockey, loving Beyoncé and baking, working through personal struggles, and all the silly shenanigans you could expect from an athletic fraternity.  Ngozi Ukazu knocked it out of the park with this comic, and the entire story is available in print on our shelves.

Doll-like Orio has been taken to the city of Cobble to assimilate with contemporary society.  However, her assigned familiar has a rebellious streak, and the truth of their predicament will soon unfold.  Excellent for readers looking for a steampunk aesthetic.

From our General Collection

Adulthood Is a Myth: A Sarah's Scribbles Collection
Adulthood is a Myth is great for if you're seeking a form of catharsis from the mundane and awkward transition from adolescence to the grown-up world.  Widely popular online for its relatable content, this first collection of Sarah Andersen's work is a quick and silly read.

Hyperbole and A Half
A collection of anecdotes paired with charming computer drawings, Hyperbole and a Half and its sequel Solutions and Other Problems present stories that touch the vulnerable, anxious, and hilarious parts of human experience.

Kill Six Billion Demons
Allison Ruth must use a powerful weapon to defeat the seven ruling entities of a chaos-filled dimension in order to rescue her boyfriend.  And there's much more to the story than this, but that's the best way I can summarize it, because the story thrusts you into its world and mythology at a breakneck speed.  There's a lot to unpack in the first volume alone, like researching a thesis paper before playing video games, but it's worth it.  Due to the graphic violence and adult themes presented in the story, reader's discretion is advised.

Lore Olympus
A reimagining of The Abduction of Persephone, Lore Olympus is a perfect title to read if you thrive on melodrama and romance.  There is a disclaimer prefacing the material for its adult content; reader's discretion is advised.

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack
If you enjoy surreal and dark humor similar to The Far Side, this collection is ideal for you.  Initially published as a newspaper strip and moved online, The Perry Bible Fellowship is an ongoing series that aptly fills in Gary Larson's absence.

Thank you for reading!