Spooky Scary Comic Books, vol. 4

Hello, fellow creatures of the night!  Today, we embark on another journey through the library to find those books that quench your thirst for frights.  If this is your first time reading a Spooky Scary Comic Book article, don't be afraid!  The books listed below are categorized by their collections, and while some may contain especially frightening images or stories, there is potentially a book for everyone throughout the history of this blog series.  If you don't find a book here that suits your interests, we suggest looking at the articles from 2017, 2018, and 2019.

And now, the list!

From the juvenile collection

The Creeps: Night of the Frankenfrogs (Hoopla)
The frog specimens for science class have gone missing!  Four friends with a love for the paranormal team up to investigate this robbery and uncover surprising secrets on the way.

Lola: A Ghost Story (Hoopla)
Jesse's memory of his Lola (grandmother) is vague, but his family tells stories of how she was able to fight off monsters and even see ghosts.  Now he's starting to experience the same things.  Is this good or bad?

From the young adult collection

Anya's Ghost
After falling down a well, Anya meets and befriends the spirit of a girl who met a similar fate.  But after rescuing the spectre, Anya finds her new friend meddling in her life for all the wrong reasons.

Cast No Shadow
Greg has the peculiar affliction of having no shadow, something that makes him a spectacle in his home of Lancaster.  He's also in love with a ghost trapped inside a haunted mansion.  Could these two things be connected?

A Gift for a Ghost
In 1856, a young woman claims to have spent an evening with a ghost and prefers to write macabre poetry, much to her family's dismay.  In 2016, three teenage girls struggle to start a punk band, and their songwriter is hiding a secret.  How do these two stories connect?

From the general collection

Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories
Have you ever felt that there was something right behind you, only to find nothing when you turn around?  This collection of stories illustrates that prickly feeling beautifully with different imaginings of just what could be lurking when you're not looking.

Ice Cream Man, vol 1
This first volume of Ice Cream Man offers four different flavors of horror--ranging from monstrous to existential--all surrounding the frozen treat dealer granting wishes that would make a monkey's paw curl.  If you're looking for something new to whet your appetite, then lickety split, this might be it!  Due to the content of this comic series, it is recommended to older teens and adults.

Thank you for reading!