Treasury Trove: Printed Comic Strips

Comic strips have been printed in American newspapers and magazines since the late 19th century.  With a wide array of styles and writers over the decades, there's quite the collection to choose from at your local library branches.  Here are some gems from periodicals past, arranged in order of their debut--

Pogo (1949-75)
Disney alum Walt Kelly's strip featuring the critters of Okefenokee Swamp has delightful drawings and witty banter with insight on issues prevalent to the time.

Peanuts (1950-2000)
Charles Schultz's beloved characters have been featured in animated specials and movies, and the original source material is collected in this omnibus series.

Spy Vs Spy (1961-ongoing)
Antonio Prohías' comic of two mischievous spies currently syndicates in MAD Magazine. Presenting dark fun with a creative reversal of expectation, it is slapstick at its finest.

Calvin and Hobbes (1985-95)
Bill Watterson's strip of a boy and his tiger friend focuses on the spirit of adventure and the resilience of imagination.  It is a darling of a collection that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Big Nate (2005-ongoing)
Lincoln Pierce's webcomic-turned-syndicated strip about a rambunctious boy's school shenanigans proves to be a popular pick for younger readers.

All of these collections can be requested and checked-out at your local branch.  Be sure to use our catalog and online databases for more delightful reads!