KIDS Pin Club Reading Challenge

Kids 6 to 11 can join Pin Club, read books, and earn prizes! 


WHO: Kids ages 6-11.

WHAT: Read 5 books in a category to earn a prize pin of your choice. There are 6 categories: Adventure, Animals, Funny, Free Read, Scary, & Science Fiction/Fantasy.

WHERE: Track your books online in Beanstack or using a Paper Log. Logs are available at your favorite library branch.

WHEN: All Year Long!!!

HOW: Record the titles of the books that you have read on your log or in Beanstack.

WHY: Three reasons...

  1. When you register you receive a lanyard for your pins.
  2. When you read 5 books in a category you earn a themed prize pin of your choice.
  3. You can repeat a category up to 3 times & earn a different pin each time!