Explore the World with World Book: World Book Student

We have been exploring the World Book databases that are available through the St. Tammany Parish Library. Now, we will explore World Book Student as another valuable resource. According to World Book, opens a new window, World Book Student is World Book's "most popular and mostly widely used resource." World Book Student is designed for children from elementary through middle school, and has engaging features in an interactive online learning environment. 

The menu option (designated by three orange bars) on the right pane of the homepage allows you to access various features found in World Book Student.

Behind the Headlines - features the day's top stories in straightforward language and links to resources.

Biography Center - has more than 10,000 biographies of historical and contemporary figures.

Built-in Dictionary and Atlas - the dictionary helps learners in finding the definition of words, while the easy-to-navigate atlas has numerous maps from countries and cultures around the world.

In addition, World Book lists key features of World Book Student:

  • Boolean and Lexile search capabilities. 
  • Browse text, media, and geographic content with the advanced search.
  • Citation feature with option to cite from one of sixteen source types.
  • Ability to translate articles in over 100 languages.
  • Lesson plans, trivia quizzes, and assessment tools for educators,
  • Support for flipped classrooms, inquiry-based learning, and critical thinking.
  • My Research allows users to compile content in personalized accounts.
  • How to Do Research helps users to develop critical information literacy skills.

Founded in 1915, World Book is a trusted source. World Book's first encyclopedias were published in 1917, and have been used by educators, parents, and students for their educational needs ever since the first publication. World Book provides print and online resources for educators and parents. World Book's mission on learning can be found by clicking here, opens a new window.

This online resource is available for free from the St. Tammany Parish Library website, opens a new window when you are inside the library, and with your St. Tammany Parish library card when you are at home, or at a remote location. Explore and enjoy the world of World Book Student today!