Random Fandom Fun

Even though the past year has been challenging, our favorite characters have kept us company through it all. Whether it’s been reading, streaming, or listening, fandoms make life an adventure, even from home! Check out these crafts, activities, and books inspired by some of your favorite fandoms.

Mandalorian - Do you love Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian? This is the way.

  1. Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet 
  2. How to Draw Baby Yoda
  3. Baby Yoda Macarons
  4. Mandalorian Word Search and Printable Games
  5. Mandalorian Coloring Pages



Harry Potter - Have a great time with these magical crafts! Mischief managed!

  1. Hogwarts Tie 
  2. Make Your Own Wand
  3. Harry Potter Printables
  4. Mandrakes
  5. Butterbeer Recipe


Pokemon - Gotta catch 'em all!

  1. Pokeball Suncatcher
  2. Recycled Bulbasaur Planter
  3. Pokemon Coloring Pages
  4. Pokemon Ball Paper Plate
  5. Hatch Your Own Pokemon Eggs




Superheroes - Avengers Assemble for these fun crafts and activities!

  1. Captain America Paper Plate Shield
  2. Hulk Slime
  3. Superhero Cuffs
  4. Avengers Crafts
  5. Iron Man Printable Mask




Disney - Let it go! Have a great time with crafts inspired by some of your favorite Disney movies!

  1. Moana Tamatoa Crab
  2. Frozen Elsa Wand
  3. BB-8 Droid Craft
  4. Finding Dory Crafts
  5. Tangled Lanterns





Check out these books and ebooks, inspired by your favorite fandoms!