More Than Books!

More Than Books

The library encourages our patrons to sign up for a library card, and there's no better time to apply than now.  Whether you're an avid reader, just beginning, or have no interest in books, we still urge you to sign up for a card, because a library is so much more than its books.

Becoming a patron means access to films, series, and new books. It's a gateway to references and resources to help you with assignments and practice tests. It means access to a computer for professional and personal use. When our world seems precarious, the library offers curbside service or a secure place to occupy. It's where you can explore different options of media without the commitment of a purchase. It's a space to conduct meetings, a communal hub, and a second home.

The best part is that the library's doors are open to everyone. If you’re a frequent patron or only visit occasionally, the library remains welcoming and strives to serve you well.  Membership to your local branch asks only that you take care of what you borrow, return it promptly, and remain curious.

May we see you soon!