The World “Food” Cup Challenge!

The 22nd FIFA Men’s World Cup kicked off on November 20th and will run until the final match to decide the new men’s champion on December 18th, 2022. The men's tournament will not return until June 2026, when it will be co-hosted by Canada, Mexico, and—for the first time since 1994—the United States of America. If you are all about getting caught up in the World Cup drama, here are some online resources you can use to learn more about the tournament, the players, and the countries involved!

SPORTDiscus is a database that covers sports—try out the database by searching for your favorite soccer player or “world cup 2022” to read magazine articles and academic essays on the subject. You can find out about Lionel Messi’s career, the physical fitness challenges of playing in the Qatari heat, and even the cultural ramifications of hosting the world’s biggest tournament.

On that note, a big part of the World Cup’s appeal is that soccer or “football” as it is quite reasonably known throughout most of the world is often celebrated for its ability to bring people together. Despite cultural or political differences between cultures, football places everyone on common ground— the 1914 Christmas peace time match played between British and German soldiers during an unofficial cease fire in World War 1 is one popular example. You can find out more about that event—including who won—in our Military & Government Collection and History Reference Center databases!

Finally, celebrate the start of the World Cup and the equally monumental addition of the AtoZ World Food database to our website by testing your culinary skills in the first edition of the AtoZ World “Food” Cup Challenge! In the spirit of the tournament, challenge yourself and your family to make recipes from as many different cultures as possible using the great recipes in AtoZ World Food. The information for the challenge and a checklist can be found here!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to a reference librarian. We are always happy to help!

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