Now You’re Cooking

Americans spend about 400 hours per year in the kitchen with over 58% spending 30 minutes, opens a new window or more preparing meals each night. That's a nice chunk of time to spend on meal prep. Wouldn't it be nice to try some new recipes, maybe find some more efficient or healthier options, or expand your taste palate?

Check out these resources to step up your culinary game - from books and eBooks to online databases, you'll have no problem finding your next coveted dish!

A-to-Z Food America contains recipes in all course categories (appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main courses, side dishes, desserts, snacks, and beverages) for six US regions, all 50 states, and 33 ethnic cuisines. This resource also covers food culture for the above regions, states, and ethnic cuisines with articles such as Classic Dishes, State Foods, Top Agricultural Products, Special Occasion Foods, Ethnic and Geographic Influences, Special Ingredients, and Food Trivia.

The A-to-Z World Food database explores food culture and includes traditional recipes for 174 countries, provides food culture articles, 7,000+ recipes, 500+ ingredient articles, 6 food glossaries and more than 14,000 color photos. Students, world travelers, cooking clubs, adventurous eaters, and anyone who wants to learn about world cuisine without having to purchase individual country cookbooks will value this resource.

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