Books for Stargazing

Astronomy might be a science, but it also one of humankind's oldest pastimes.  For our distant ancestors the unblotted night sky was a heavenly tapestry woven with the stories of gods and heroes, and we still call the planets by the Roman names of the Olympians.  Over centuries, astronomers studied the stars and speculated about the nature of the heavenly bodies, building upon a body of knowledge that forms our modern view of the cosmos.  We now have a greater understanding about the scientific nature of the stars and planets, but ironically the night sky itself has faded from view, obscured by artificial light from cities and industry.  Nevertheless, the brightest stars and constellations can still be seen on a clear night.  Your local library has resources that can help you identify the constellations and follow the planets that have inspired our ancestors and can inspire us even today.



Astronomy Demystified

Astronomy for the Utterly Confused

Stargazing With Binoculars & Telescopes

Night Sky Atlas

The 50 Best Sights in Astronomy and How to See Them

Practical Astronomy

Movement and Rhythms of the Stars

The Radio Sky and How to Observe It

The Binocular Stargazer

Stars and Planets

Stars & Planets

The Night Sky Month by Month

The Practical Astronomer

Patterns in the Sky

Firefly Guide to Stars and Planets

An Intimate Look at the Night Sky

The Star Guide

National Geographic Stargazer's Atlas