Explore the World with World Book: World Book eBooks

We are continuing the series on exploring the World Book databases that are available through the St. Tammany Parish Library. In this blog, we will explore World Book eBooks.  According to World Book, opens a new window, "users can access 460 proprietary World Book eBooks with unlimited simultaneous users per book and unlimited renewals per user." There is no waiting list to access books, and users can renew books until no longer needed.  

World Book eBooks have reliable, factual, and interactive content. Loaded with impressive photographs and visuals, World Book eBooks will entice even the most reluctant learner to explore factual topics. There are a variety of topics to choose within the database including: animal species, biographies and autobiographies, crafts and activities, cultures of the world, sports, world classics, technology and engineering, space, and health and the human body to name a few. Many of the books have a read-aloud feature designed especially for young readers.

You can use the guest account for instant access, or create a free account. The advantage of creating a free user account is the ability to save books to your personalized bookshelf. You can highlight words in text, make notes within pages, save book selections as favorites, and access items saved to your bookshelf for later access, either online or offline. Another great feature is the recently viewed tab, which allows the user to view eBooks that were previewed during the login session. Under the favorites tab, you will find books that you have marked as favorites for future viewing. Another useful feature is the search feature found in the menu pane. Search terms can be found by placing keywords in the search box. In this instance, the user searched through the book, "Alligators and Crocodiles", using "alligator" as the search term. Immediately after typing "alligator" in the search box, sentences with the keyword were highlighted in yellow, along with the page number for each sentence. After previewing the sentences, you can select the desired information found in a sentence by clicking on the sentence; the page will immediately display with the search term highlighted in yellow on the page.

World Book eBooks also have a mobile app to allow users to access eBooks on the device of their choice and go! You can access eBooks anywhere.  Download the app using Apple Store or Google Play.  Are you in an area with no Internet connection? You can access eBooks saved on your bookshelf within the app offline. In addition, bookshelves can be locked for user's privacy. 

Founded in 1915, World Book is a trusted source. Its first encyclopedias were published in 1917 and have been used by educators, parents, and students for their educational needs ever since. World Book provides print and online resources for educators and parents. World Book's mission on learning can be found by clicking here, opens a new window.

This online resource is available for free from the St. Tammany Parish Library website, opens a new window when you are inside the library, and with your St. Tammany Parish library card when you are at home, or at a remote location. Explore and enjoy the world of World Book eBooks today!