Explore the World with World Book: World Book Social Studies Power

Continuing the blog series on World Book databases for grades K-8, this blog will feature World Book Social Studies Power. The World Book databases are available through the St.Tammany Parish Library as one of the many databases for kids found by clicking here

Like World Book Science Power, World Book Social Studies Power is an engaging, interactive database that supports the learning needs of upper elementary-aged children, whether you are using the database for completing school assignments or for satisfying curious minds on sociology. According to World Book Social Studies Power, this database "enhances social studies instruction with more than 100 lessons, activities, and assessments focused on core topics and aligned with most major textbooks. It is intended for grades 3 through 6 and offers two reading levels per lesson for differentiated instruction."

The database has many features that support learning sociology with narrated lessons covering five units pertaining to social studies, main idea checks, inquiry projects, interactive quizzes, and critical thinking questions. Before we explore the lessons, the bottom left-hand corner of the database's page has lesson reviews comprising of multiple-choice questions, a vocabulary review of commonly used words related to the topic, and engaging, interactive quizzes that have a variety of testing methods with fun, learning activities.

To explore lessons in this database, lessons can be searched by keywords or browsed by strands. In this example, we are going to browse by strand to access topics that are similar in nature. "Peoples and Cultures" was used as an example. After clicking on the strand, there are a variety of sub-topics related to the main topic. By hovering your cursor over the rectangle, the Lexile measure is shown. In this example, the sub-topic, "What is Culture"  was used. Lessons begin with a pre-assessment, a vocabulary review of commonly used words, and an introduction to the topic. It is recommended to proceed through each lesson in sequential order. Lessons consist of notes, animations, images, and narrated videos. There is a read-aloud narration for each lesson. The "Main Idea Check" is found in the lower-left corner of each lesson with a question relating to the topic. After the lessons are finished, a summary and post-assessment sections are available to test learners of contents reviewed in each lesson.

There is a critical thinking section to "pick your brain" with critical thinking questions. Learning activities are also found within the database. Try one of the extension activities designed to allow learners to perform additional activities and perform research to reinforce the concepts of the topics in each lesson. World Book Social Science Power has the "Inquiry Project" that is designed to allow individual or group work on a sociology topic, a beneficial feature for use in classrooms, or individual instruction.

World Book Social Studies Power includes resources for educators, including curriculum standards correlated to state and grade level, Common Core standards, and popular textbooks.

Founded in 1915, World Book is a trusted source. Its first encyclopedias were published in 1917 and have been used by educators, parents, and students for their educational needs ever since. World Book provides print and online resources for educators and parents. World Book's mission on learning can be found by clicking here

This online resource is available for free, from the St. Tammany Parish Library website when you are inside the library, and with your St. Tammany Parish library card when you are at home, or at a remote location. Explore and enjoy the world of World Book Social Studies Power today!