Explore the World with World Book: World Book’s Early World of Learning

We are continuing to explore the wonderful world of World Book databases available through the St. Tammany Parish Library. In this blog, we will examine World Book's Early World of Learning database. This database is developed by experts on early childhood education, and offers rich resources for preschoolers and children in early primary grades. According to World Book, World Book's Early World of Learning has "reading programs with 48 stories spread across four progressive Lexile levels to provide building blocks for early readers." There are read-aloud features, printable activities, and Spanish language books and activities to support ESL learning needs.When accessing the database, the learner's attention is immediately drawn to the brightly colored graphics found in the database. Now let's explore the features found in this database.

The section on Early Learning Basics has categories that include fun with words, count and play, once upon a time, and welcome to reading. 

The Video section has videos on a variety of topics, and helps to reinforce the content available for each of the subjects that are included in the database. Videos can be viewed by original ratio or expanded to wide-screen. Each video has audio features and colorful graphics to engage the learner and promote a fun, learning experience. Videos can be paused, downloaded, or you can use the picture-in picture feature which allows a minimized version of the video to display on the screen to allow for other text, pictures, or documents to be shown at the same time.

The Game section provides many fun activities for preschoolers to learn concepts for progression in learning concepts. One activity in the game section is tracing animals ABCs. Once the learner selects the game and click on the letter, they have the ability to trace the letters of the alphabet. Other activities under the Game section are tracing letters and numbers, matching games, concentration games, and true or false quizzes.

Who loves fairy tales? We love fairy tales and World Book's Early Book of Learning has a section on stories. Fairy tales are one of many types of stories that are included this section. In this example, I selected "fairy tales" category under stories, then selected "The Three Little Pigs". After clicking on the desired story, the text with colorful illustrations are displayed. There is the read-aloud feature to allow early readers to follow along with the text as the story progresses.

Ready for some fun activities for your preschooler? Try the activity section. Preschoolers can color or draw by choosing the activity desired. I selected one of the coloring activities. After choosing the preferred coloring activity, a coloring page is displayed. On the left panel are paint buckets with color to use for coloring the image. You can choose one of the brushes to brush on the color, or choose a stamp to add to the picture. You can also download the coloring sheet to print and color offline on paper.

There is a section for grown-ups that contains educator tools, curriculum correlations, guided reading programs, Trek titles, and more resources. World Book's Early World of Learning aids in preschool classrooms, library story time, and at-home learning. Founded in 1915, World Book is a trusted source. Its first encyclopedias were published in 1917 and have been used by educators, parents, and students for their educational needs ever since. World Book provides print and online resources for educators and parents. World Book's mission on learning can be found by clicking here.

This online resource is available for free from the St.Tammany Parish Library website when you are inside the library, and with your St. Tammany Parish library card when you are at home, or at a remote location. Explore and enjoy the world of World Book's Early World of Learning today!