Financial Literature: Investing 101

Finances remains one of the most challenging topics facing many Americans today, and no subset of finances is scarier than investing.... but it does not have to be!

Like any topic, investing can be researched. As scary a word as 'investing' seems, it is something that can be taught, and as in a variety of subjects, the St. Tammany Parish Library has a wealth of literature available. Take a few minutes to straighten your thoughts and relax, while we take a few steps into. . .

Investing 101

Generally speaking, most people use investment for one of four goals: retirement, college funds, future improvements to their life or simply to make money. Most books on investing discuss the best way to invest with these goals in mind. Though the opinions of the various authors do differ in certain areas, most follow the same advice: invest early, invest often, minimize fees, plan for the future.

Below are a few recommendations, for those ready to do some reading of their own:


Investing for Dummies The "For Dummies" series is a perennial favorite in non-fiction. Here, Eric Tyson explains the various aspects of investing as simply and effortlessly as possible.


Investing in your 20s & 30s for Dummies  Are you a recent adult? Investing can be easy for you too. Eric Tyson explains investing for the younger generation of would-be investors and the strategies they should use.


A Random Walk Down Wall Street  Ever wondered what life was actually like for stock brokers, traders, bankers, and the other inhabitants of Wall Street? Look no further. The author cracks open a lot of myths about investing and shows that a lot of the 'experts' do not quite have the expertise they advertise having. Rather, this is all about gearing yourself to do your own investing and helping yourself.


The Aftershock Investor  Investing has been a perilous adventure in times past. Most experts readily point out that not only have 'busts' happened, but on a regular basis. When will the next bust be and what will you do? David Wiedemer offers advice on how best to recover and plan for the future because sooner or later, the future will get here.


Locavesting Locavesting is a recent trend growing in popularity. Want to invest, but leery of Wall Street and big banks? Amy Cortese demonstrates the many perks of investing your time, energy, and resources into local businesses and projects, and the best ways to go about it.


The Most Important Thing  What do people make of investing? Aside from making money, why bother? In The Most Important Thing, Howard Marks discusses 'investment philosophy' and attempts to not only explain how investing works or how to get rich trading stocks, but also how to answer the big questions like "How do these kinds of portfolios work?" and "How do they generate such good returns?"


Grow your Money!  Want to invest but worried on if you can afford to, or how to get to that point? Jonathan Pond offers 101 tips to stabilize your finances, plan for big steps in your life, and get yourself to start investing for your future.


Forbes Guide to the Markets  Marc Groz released this second edition after the economy downturn in 2008. He offers solid advice and principles designed to educate readers in not only the basics of investing, but how to succeed.

We also have several ebooks available for download on Hoopla, including:

Investing Want to invest but worried about the skill-level necessary to compete with the experienced bankers and traders? Katie Marsico offers practical application of math and photo examination with real-world scenarios, designed to teach anyone the math skills needed to manage money. Great for grades 4 through 8!


Investing Another great ebook that utilizes practical math skills to explain how investing works, and how you can benefit from it.


Still interested in investing and financial math? Feel free to do your own search for finance or take a look at my previous blog on financial literature.