Halloween Spotlight: Disney’s The Haunted Mansion

Happy Spooky Season everybody! The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic attractions at Disney's theme-parks. Conception of the attraction dates back all the way to 1951 with a vacant mansion included on a sketch of Disneyland. Disney announced construction of the new project in 1961, several years after Disneyland opened, originally for a…
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Space Exploration Day

Happy Space Exploration Day Though human exploration of space predates July 20, 1969, Space Exploration Day is celebrated on the anniversary of mankind's first steps onto the moon. To celebrate, here's some books for all you future space explorers: Not Necessarily Rocket Science Apollo's Legacy Space Stations Space Chronicles The Farthest Chasing the Moon Space…
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Star Wars Day 2023

Star Wars Day 2023 Happy Star Wars Day again! It's been a while, so here's some more Star Wars for fans from a galaxy not-so-far away. Looking to catch up with movies and TV shows that have come out recently? In preparation for May 4th, here's a brief run-down, all of which can be found…
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