January is International Brain Teaser Month!

Did you know that January is Brain Teaser Month? And who doesn’t love a brainteaser? And what about the satisfaction of actually completing it?

Brainteasers help exercise your brain and are a welcome addition in the fight against cognitive decline. Along with physical exercising, eating healthy, and socializing as much as possible, brain teasers are a refreshing commodity.

These puzzles come in all forms and sizes: from crosswords to actual logic puzzles.

And guess who has all these wonderful resources at hand? You guessed it: St. Tammany Parish Library does!

So check out the list of books available for checkout below to get your braintease on.

January is International Brain Teaser Month! List created by STPLReferenceMadisonville

Get your "brain" on with these fun resources!

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Challenge that brain!

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