Licensed Literature: From the Screens to Your Books

There are an awful lot of books to read; there are also a lot of television shows and movies to watch! What if you could do both at the same time? Look no further than licensed literature!

Licensed literature is books, graphic novels and manga based on stories and characters that did not originate in print. The library offers books and graphic novels by a variety of authors including many based on some of your favorite television shows and movies.

There is an impressive collection of novels and graphic novels for fans of Star Wars, including:

Star Wars

Star Wars


If you are interested in joining the Federation, and going 'where no man has gone before', there are a variety of Star Trek-licensed e-comics:

Star Trek

Star Trek


Are you a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Adventures of Korra? You can read about them too!


The Legend of Korra


Interested in Pokemon? Feel free to check out our recent blog Gotta Read 'Em All to see what's available in those regards.


We even have an impressive collection of licensed books and graphic novels for juveniles, including some still popular cartoons:

Adventure Time

Steven Universe

Friendship Games



And for fans of Disney, we have several books popular with children and parents or even more advanced readers. Here are a few recommendations:

A New Reindeer Friend

The Isle of the Lost


And we also have a whole bunch of Disney-related e-books!

Kingdom Keepers Books I-III


Looking for something not shown here? Feel free to use our catalog and see if you can find books based on your favorite television show or movie.