Miss SandraRosa’s Book Review: Another Day by David Levithan

This book made me create a mental list called Books to Push Onto Unsuspecting Bystanders No Matter What. I think everyone should read this book. Its companion Every Day was written first but I have yet to read that one. I’m sure it will be just as good though.
Rhiannon has a boyfriend named Justin. Justin is neither a good boyfriend nor a bad boyfriend. He’s just there. But one day, Justin is different. Attentive, loving, perfect. Rhiannon falls for him all over again.
But here’s the catch. That wasn’t Justin. Sure, it was his body, but it wasn’t his mind or his soul.
Enter A, the bodiless entity that occupies a different person’s body every day. A has no say in whose body they will wake up in. Sometimes it is a girl’s body, sometimes it is a boy’s body, sometimes it is an overweight body, sometimes it is a metal-head’s body.
A falls for Rhiannon when they occupy Justin’s body and continues to pursue Rhiannon in whatever form they take. Rhiannon is conflicted. She is not always attracted to the body A occupies—but she is attracted to who A is as a person/ soul? She likes A’s humor, A’s attention, A’s personality. She feels for A things she does not feel for Justin.
I won’t ruin anything by saying too much. This was a great book with a bittersweet ending that could easily be picked up in another volume.