Pandemics are in the air!

Scrambling for books to read with school out and the St. Tammany Parish Library branches closed? Fear not! Below is a list of suggested teen fiction books on a VERY timely topic that can be checked-out via the library’s downloadable resources. Don’t have a card? Visit to request a temporary card to use during the library closure.

In the mood for a good pandemic?

The 5th Wave by Richard Yancey

First Wave: An EMP wave takes out all electronics and power. Wipes out half a million people.

Second Wave: Massive tsunamis wipe out three billion people.

Third Wave: A plague kills 97% of the remaining survivors.

Fourth Wave: Some humans are Others.

Fighting for life Cassiopeia (Cassie) is searching for her brother who was taken by the Others. Cassie and Sam have survived the first three waves together, but Sam was taken in the Fourth Wave. She will stop at nothing to get her brother back and protect him from the Others.

The first in a trilogy, this is a pretty emotional book that switches POV throughout, covering both female and male prospective. Available on Libby as an eBook and eAudiobook.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lena is ninety-five days from receiving “the Cure”, a procedure that protects you from a dangerous disease called love. Looking forward to receiving this government mandated procedure, Lena is blindsided by Alex. Can she avoid falling in love with the boy from the “Wilds”?

"Love, the deadliest of all deadly things: it kills you both when you have it and when you don't."

Oliver paints a particularly bleak and passionless picture in this dystopian trilogy. Available on Libby as an eBook and eAudiobook and at CloudLibrary as an eBook

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a gifted mechanic in New Beijing, she is also a cyborg. A fact she keeps hidden because cyborgs are considered second-class citizens. She doesn’t remember her life prior to the operation that resulted in her cyborg status, but she does know that her stepmother enjoys treating her as though she is less-than. When the only stepsister she likes falls to a deadly plague sweeping through the population, Cinder is donated by her stepmother for science to find a cure.

This is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles and is a creative remix of Cinderella spun by Marissa. There are four books in the series and they all follow a different heroine from a fairytale. Available on Libby and CloudLibrary as an eAudiobook.

Legend by Marie Lu

The United States has been divided and the Republic (formerly western United States) is at war with its neighbors. Fifteen year-old June is an exceptionally gifted prodigy who is an up and coming military star. When her brother is murdered, she embarks upon a mission to find his killer. All signs are pointing towards Day, a notorious criminal who is already wanted by the Republic.

This is a dystopian Romeo and Juliet with many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and entertained. Available on Libby and CloudLibrary as an eBook  

Scythe by Neal Schusterman

Through research and technological advances diseases, hunger, and war have been conquered. As such there is no longer death from natural causes. Scythes, a socially condoned killer, are tasked with “gleaning” to control the population. Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice scythe Faraday. Though both teens are forced into the internship, only one will be chosen to be a fully pledged scythe. The other will be “gleaned” by the victor.

With a creative plot and enjoyable storyline, you won’t want this book to end. Thankfully this book is part of a trilogy! Available on Libby as an eBook and Hoopla as an eAudiobook.