Mission Admission: SAT and ACT Prep

Whether you are a high school student or the parent of one, ACT/SAT season is upon us. Every Louisiana student must take the ACT exam, and most universities require either SAT or ACT scores. 

In Louisiana juniors take the exam in March, but it's never too soon to start preparing and familiarizing yourself with the exam.

In addition to SAT and ACT test preparation books, opens a new window, the library offers free access to Princeton Review study materials. Through Homework Louisiana, opens a new window you can access free self-paced and personalized courses driven by a recommendation engine to help you achieve your target score.

  1. Create an account. They're anonymous and free, but you need an account to save your scores and track your progress. Click on SAT/ACT Essentials and chose the exam you are preparing for.
  2. Set your targets. Pick your target test date and score, and the program will help keep you on track to meet your goals.
  3. Watch the tutorials and take the quick assessments on the home page to see which areas you need to focus on. These shorter assessments allow you to see strengths and weaknesses before you commit to taking a full exam. On the Coursework tab there are video tutorials and practice drills for all of the core concepts covered on the exams.
  4. Take a practice test. Full-length practice exams are available for you to take. You can print them out or take them online.  
  5. Score report. Once you've taken the practice test you can see your score and even the questions that you missed. Use the Areas of Focus at the bottom of the report to help you tailor your studying with video lessons and practice drills.
  6. Resources. Getting into college requires more than good grades and test scores. These resources will help you navigate the application process, write essays, and apply for financial aid.
  7. Get a free online tutor. If you ever need additional help understanding a practice problem, Homework Louisiana powered by Tutor.com has tutors available Sunday-Thursday from 2 pm-12 am.