Scholastic GO! is for Students and Educators

The Scholastic company has been a trusted resource for reading materials for decades. Their Scholastic GO! database includes resources that are perfect for use in the classroom, for homework, or for satisfying your curiosity about the world around us. An atlas, dictionaries, newspapers from around the world, as well as informational GO Tube videos, and more are available from Scholastic GO!

Scholastic GO! also includes resources for educators, including lesson plans and curriculum standards. To reach these resources, click on the Librarians/Educators link, opens a new window at the bottom of the Scholastic GO! welcome page.

This online resource is available for free, from the St. Tammany Parish Library website when you are inside the library, and with your library card when you are away from the library. Explore and enjoy the world of Scholastic GO!, opens a new window today!