Thank you For Being a Friend: Remembering Betty White

2021 certainly didn't go down without a fight, and the last thing it took — on New Year’s Eve — was our beloved Betty White. After a few years of loss and overwhelm, 2022 started on a somber note as we were all planning to celebrate this great comedienne's 100th trip around the sun on January 17th. Sadly, it was not to be. Our last connection to the Golden Girls passed on at 99 years-old and reunited with the late cast as well as her late husband.

If you, like I, have great memories of the Golden Girls and other things Betty White was a part of then you might want to join in on celebrating her life on her 100th birthday. My sister, my niece, my late mother and I used to sit around with a cheesecake we acquired from the grocery store bakery and watch marathons of The Golden Girls. Betty White leaves behind an extensive body of work and a lifetime of memories from a life well-lived. She was also an animal rights activist and helped many a species avoid extinction. So, grab a slice of cheesecake and binge on these favorite titles featuring the late, great Betty White. They are all available today at the St. Tammany Parish Library. 

Betty White in Person

If You Ask Me

The Proposal

The Golden Girls

Betty & Friends

Betty White in Black and White

You Again


Betty White