The Great Library of Alexandria


It could be said had the Great Library of Alexandria not been burned down the world would be a different place. Such is war, a nations culture is wiped out by conquering nations and the great Library of Alexandria fell to invaders. The man who envisioned the library was a military general named Alexander who built his vast empire by conquering nations, yet he understood and desired the value of salvaging the texts of the nations he conquered in efforts to preserve their culture and knowledge for future civilization to expand and build upon. The city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander and it was in this city his successor Ptolemy Soter choose to erect the library in the year 283 B.C, a stone construction. The Great library paid homage to it's visionary leader who envisioned the library as a universal house of wisdom and knowledge that would be made accessible to the citizens of Alexandria, Egypt, the city where his remains were taken. The library was said to have had 400,000-700,000 scrolls and in its zenith housed 900,000 in its collections. Scribes and translators translated the texts into Greek language and the collections became so large that the additional wings were built to house the growing collections. Alexander the Great was a pupil of Aristotle himself and his desire to build an educated society and a civilization whose citizens were given the resources to build upon and reflect on previous generations of thoughts and works in order to create a more sustainable and self governing society. STPL has many books about this legendary, heroic man    

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