What Does that $ ¥ μ ₿ Ø £ Mean?

From cave paintings to mathematical symbols, from tattoos to computer icons, meaning can be conveyed by an image. Since humans first began to attach meanings to images, we have lived in a world of symbols and signs. Symbols can be letters of the alphabet, traffic signs, company logos, military insignia, emojis, punctuation marks, or countless other images that impart meaning.

Often we already know what a symbol means, but sometimes we don't. Some symbols that have been used over many generations have evolved to take on new meanings. 

There may be times when we need to search for the perfect symbol to express a particular idea because we want to get the perfect tattoo. Or we might be curious about a symbol that appears on a piece of inherited jewelry. When that happens, the library has resources that can help. Here is a list, opens a new window of library books and eBooks that offer explanations of a variety of symbols, along with some historical background.

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