A Whole New “World Book”

World Book Encyclopedia has been a trusted information resource for 101 years. St. Tammany Parish Library has World Book Encyclopedia available in print format at each of our 12 branches

But what about when you can't get to the library? If you can get to the Internet and if you have a St. Tammany Parish Library card, you are in luck. 

World Book's "Super Home Page" has 12 amazing online tools that offer user-friendly, fun, educational, and informational resources for students of all ages. 

Parents and teachers of Pre-K to 2nd-grade children will find World Book's Early World of Learning especially helpful for pre-readers and children who are just beginning to learn to read.

Elementary, Middle, and Junior High school students will find trustworthy information about countless topics from World Book's:

  • Kids - use intuitive search and exploration tools especially designed for younger students to find information, videos, images, maps and learning games about people, places, animals, sports, and more
  • eBooks - find fiction and nonfiction eBooks published by World Book, Inc. and read them in your web browser
  • Student - use searching and discovery tools to find encyclopedia articles designed for students from elementary to middle school
  • Discover - especially created for middle to junior high school students, use this tool to find encyclopedia articles and learn more with reading comprehension questions designed to focus on important concepts

Other helpful tools from World Book include:

  • Activity Corner - find craft, activity, or project ideas by age range, type of activity, cost of materials, curriculum correlation and more (particularly helpful for educators)
  • Dramatic Learning Center - increase your reading ability and comprehension by reading aloud or performing a play (especially useful for educators and groups of students)
  • Timelines - make your own timelines for your project by adding your own events and images or using content and images available from World Book (be sure to create a free World Book account to save your work)
  • Science Power - learn about science and technology by reading articles, seeing pictures and watching videos; find ideas for science experiments, and use charts to organize what you learn
  • Social Studies Power - find images, videos, and read-aloud text to learn about world history and cultures, and discover more about the basics of geography and civics
  • ¿Hablas español? Los estudiantes, los padres, los maestros y los educadores apreciarán los recursos confiables de Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

Each World Book tool has a "For Educators" link, where teachers and homeschooling parents can find lesson plans, curriculum correlations, best practices, and more for each of World Book's online tools. Adults who help children learn will find additional help on World Book's Training page.

If you have questions about using World Book's online resources, contact one of St. Tammany Parish Library's reference librarians.