Celebrate Autumn with Kids’ Books You Can Fall Into!

We are almost halfway into Autumn, and the air is finally cooler! What better time than to curl up with a cozy blanket, a warm drink, and a good book. We have the perfect Autumn books for a cozy time.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Starting with a single sugar maple leaf, the narrator tells the story of how the tree made the journey to their yard. This book tells you all about the parts of a tree and gives tips on how to plant one!

Strega Nona's Harvest

Strega Nona has a bountiful harvest! If you like a good sharing story with a sprinkling of Italian words spread throughout, you'll like this book. We also have more Strega Nona books!

Pumpkin Soup

Cat, Squirrel, and Duck all take turns doing their part to make the soup. This is a good story about friendship and trying new things. It shows that everyone works better as part of a team. There is also a recipe for pumpkin soup in the back of the book!

Tractor Mac, Harvest Time

Tractor Mac and his neighbor Small Fred long to be at each other's farm. This is a good introduction to things that happen on a farm, especially during harvest season, and the characters show good friendship skills. This is just one of many Tractor Mac books we have. 

Apples and Pumpkins

In this classic book, a little girl and her parents have fun picking out apples and pumpkins at the farm. This is a wholesome introduction to the autumn season and what you can do to celebrate it!