Class Comics

Summer has come to a close, and school has started again for our younger patrons.  With textbooks, reading lists, projects, and a lot of homework, kids need a break!

Thankfully, the library can provide a reprieve for students still adjusting to their school schedule, and if you've followed this blog for a while you know where I'm going with this.  It's true comics aren't required reading, but the ones listed here explore student life in different ways and can provide a short break from school assignments.  Consider them a snack to go with the metaphorical meal of education.  Now on to the list!

Penelope is adjusting to a new school, with some mixed results.  The art club she's joined is butting heads with the science club, and her science tutor is the school nerd, who she's been avoiding since her first day in class.  Talk about awkward!

Fangbone!, Third-grade Barbarian
Hailing from a different dimension, Fangbone attends elementary school while guarding a coveted weapon from his people's arch-nemesis, Venomous Drool!

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
When a crime-fighting lunch lady discovers a sinister plot to replace teachers with robots, it's up to her to serve a fresh serving of justice!

Recess Warriors
Scrap, Yoshi, and Clinton don their secret personas in order to maintain the organized chaos of the playground.

The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook
Julian had one goal at his new school--to ditch his nerdy identity and try to fit in. But, he ends up roped into an alliance trying to prevent a nefarious grown-up from using their inventions for evil!

Thank you for reading!