Comic Con and other Convention Stories

Summer is here and for a good few of us that means the start of something we wait all year for-- Comic book and anime conventions!

Louisiana hosts many conventions throughout the year, weekend-long events where people celebrate the media they love.  If you're curious about what these events entail, or if you're planning to attend one this year, the St. Tammany Parish Libraries have material that can give insight and offer tips for the convention scene.

To help prepare for a convention, we have--

Epic Cosplay Costumes
One of the highlights of attending a convention is seeing the fan-made costumes.  If you're interested in creating your own and need some guidance, this book provides excellent instruction.  It has patterns that can be adapted to fit a certain style, and it includes a quick guide on how to best prepare for your first convention!  This is an excellent book whether you're just starting to sew or want to brush up on the basics.

The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy
A book dedicated to all things related to fandom, this book gives you the run-down on frequently used terms and includes interviews from accomplished women creators.  Whether you're new to the forum or have grown up with the Internet, there's plenty this book can provide.

The Hero's Closet (available on Hoopla)

The Hero's Closet
Another reference for costumes, but this time it's online!  This is a comprehensive guide that details not only how to plan out a costume but gives insight on different types of fabrics, what stitches work best, how to sew your own button--it's a home economics course for costuming!

If you want to read books that take place during a convention, there is--

The Complete Tales from the Con (available on Hoopla)

The Complete Tales From The Con
This series of panel gags presents typical convention happenings in a fun light.  Whether you're fresh on the con floor or a seasoned guest, this book can give you a laugh about common problems in the event-packed weekend.

Dramacon (available on OverDrive)

Amateur writer Christie goes through the motions of her first anime convention, complete with all the drama.  This trilogy follows her growth as a content creator and as a person while she handles the petty--and sometimes serious--blunders that can happen on a 3-day weekend.

The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love
Graham plans for the weekend of Comic Con with one goal in mind--get his best friend Roxy to fall for him.  But conventions have a way of revealing hidden sides of people.  Will Graham's plan still work?

Elle Wittmer loves the cult classic show Starfield, and her father was the founder of its convention ExcelsiCon.  Actor Darien Freeman is slated to play the main role in the show's movie reboot, but the pressure from fans is becoming too much.  Through a manner of happenstance, the two end up connecting through text.  Can Elle and Darien meet in person despite her sabotaging stepfamily and his concerned production crew?

The Pros of Cons
Due to a mix-up in hotel booking, three teens attending separate conventions form a friendship that helps each girl tackle the oncoming chaos of their weekend.

Thank you for reading!