Creative U-Turns: Self Help for Creatives

The end of the year is upon us and if you've had a year like me, I am sure there were small victories noted and some projects completed. I have been pleasantly surprised with what has been accomplished most of this very busy year. But, I still have a laundry list of incomplete projects and ideas on the horizon for those few solid hours I have set aside at the 12th of never. If you do too and would like to avoid using those precious hours for house-cleaning or laundry, which also needs to be done, I know...I know. I have a few recommendations for fatigued creativity in the books below, all have something to teach you or a way to inspire you. 

If you had a year where you smashed all of your goals, congratulations! These books are also helpful for you as they can teach you some cool tricks, but I'm not sure if you have time to read them with all of your goal-smashing. 

For those of us who are wondering where the year went, where the time went and why we can't seem to get anything done (even things we find both fun and necessary to our sanity). Here are some of the books I turn to in times of a creative u-turn or crisis.  

The Artist's Way: This is the book I turn to at times I need to find another creative avenue in my life or if I am temporarily out of ideas. This book is a commitment to a 12-week course with Julia Cameron leading you and instilling tools you can use long after the 12 weeks is up. Say hello to morning pages and artist dates! It is very worth it and helpful in re-starting and re-evaluating your artistic path, whatever it may be.

The War of Art

Art at the Speed of Life  

Big Magic

Creative Time and Space

The Creative Habit

The Little Spark


The Crossroads of Should and Must