Creative U: Take Yourself to School and Learn Something New

School is starting again and this time of year is almost like January, synonymous with new beginnings and expanding horizons. So, why not take yourself back to school this year? I can just hear the groans in the back of the class now, but this isn't like regular school. It is a chance to learn what you've always wanted to and maybe change your life for the better or at the very least, make it more fun. It doesn't matter what age you are, whether you have kids or not, are just starting or completing college, are retired, if you've always loved school or even if you never liked it at all. Whatever your level in life, you can still learn something new and take up that hobby you have always been interested in. It's time to start that business or side hustle, train or take up a new exercise program, learn a new language in preparation to take that long-awaited journey to the exotic locale you've been planning to make when you have the time or resources. There's no time like the present to learn something new, so get back to the books with St. Tammany Parish Library this fall. These are just ten options, but we have so many more to enrich your life. Begin your search and let the St. Tammany Parish Library help you take yourself back to school today!   

The Girls' Guide to Rocking  Always dreamed of being a rock star? All those adoring fans, bright lights, new stage every night...well, you need to start somewhere. This may be a Young Adult title, but it is still full of material and information for fledgling musicians on booking gigs, potential pitfalls and what it takes to write, create and perform your own music. It also includes stories of famous ladies who rocked throughout music history. It also may be The Girls' Guide to Rocking, but I think it is helpful for the boys, too and every age group. It's also a very fun and quick read. Rock on! 

The Complete Guitar Course  Maybe you need to learn your instrument first. Wanna learn guitar? Here you go! Not the right instrument? Don't worry, we have you covered. We have an extensive collection of books and DVD's to teach you any instrument you want, we also have books on perfecting your singing voice.

My So-Called Freelance Life Want to give that pesky 9-5 job the old heave-ho and start making it on your own? This book can help you do just that, a guidebook that lets you see how you can make it as a freelancer and doesn't skimp on the potential pitfalls. This book takes you through every step of your freelancing journey. 

The $100 Startup  Have entrepreneurial dreams, but are low on funds? This is a great guide-book for turning ideas into big business with little to nothing. The book also states that you do not need an MBA, a business plan or even employees to be your own boss.     

Craft, Inc Crafts are also big business in this gig economy, if you can make jewelry, paint, do origami, make folk art, knit, macrame', crochet, sew, felt, I could go on...this book can tell you how to make money off of those little creations. You can sell your crafts at craft fairs, online and in shops and this book can tell you how.

Drawing Words & Writing Pictures   Do you have an idea for a graphic novel, but don't know where to start? This book can help you learn about drawing, writing, blocking, and everything that goes into creating a great comic or graphic novel. 

The Ultimate Student Cookbook Cooking skills not up to par? You can beef them up with this cookbook. We also have plenty more where that came from and I mean many. You'll be a pro in no time, who knows you may even become a Food Network Star...OK, OK let's not get ahead of ourselves. How about hosting a nice dinner party instead? Yeah, that sounds good! Happy cooking!

Belly Dancing for Fitness Do you want to dance? We have plenty on this subject including this informative and fun book on belly dancing from the world-famous belly dance teacher and performer, Tamalyn Dallal. This book or others on the subject might just inspire you to take a class locally and join a troupe. We also have information on other types of dancing, too, if belly dance is not your thing. We have books, DVD's and more from ballet to hip-hop, whatever style you fancy! 

Runner's World Complete Book of Running Ever wanted to train for a marathon or just wanted to run around the block? Whatever your fitness goals, this book can help you run like the wind or win a race with your next door neighbor and do it the right way without pulling a muscle and keeping hydrated. How about that? 

Pronunciator Bon voyage! Learning a new language for fun, for travel or to communicate with friends you've made on Facebook, online gaming or in real life? It can seem daunting, but St. Tammany Parish Library has an online resource that will help you learn and you don't have to limit yourself to just one language either. We also have physical copies of audio books and books on foreign languages, if that is more your speed.

Happy Learning!