Going Ghost on Your Life

Ever wanted to leave and not tell a single soul where you were going? We’ve all had moments that made us want to leave our lives behind, change our names and start anew in another location. There are at least a dozen internet memes about it being shared all over social media as a “joke.”

Work stress, home life, the kids, mates, laundry and just the drudgery of our sometimes perfect (Ahem…) everyday lives can lead the most grateful and well-adjusted people to fantasize about throwing in the towel and running away from home. Although it is not anything we would really ever do, you can still live the dream vicariously through fiction. At your local library, we have a few choices for you to live out the fantasy without having to pack a bag.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette
by Maria Semple
A pithy novel about a woman who’s so exhausted and social anxious in her life that she hires a personal assistant from India to handle the minute details of her life. Bernadette is an interesting character that approaches things with a grain of salt, a sense of humor, and a bit of a temper. She disappears one day and the novel is told lovingly through her 15 year old daughter’s eyes, who never gives up hope of finding her.


Leave Me
by Gayle Forman
44 year old overworked mother, wife and magazine editor, Maribeth Klein is too busy for a heart attack, but nevertheless it happens on day and she must have emergency surgery. After surgery things go further south. She has no help during her recovery which drives her to leave her life and her family behind just to get peace. She relocates and finds out more about herself, her longtime friend and boss, and her husband than she ever knew before. Another lovingly crafted novel.


Gone Girl
By Gillian Flynn
A creepy tale with characters who take the readers’ trust and batter it, but a story that pulls you in nevertheless and causes hours lost spent reading this tightly-woven, well-written web. A woman has disappeared on the eve of her fifth wedding anniversary and her husband is implicated. Their life and their marriage unfold through diary entries and hidden clues left behind by the disappeared woman herself. The story’s twists and turns leave you wondering…where did she go and what happened?