July is National Grilling Month!

Nothing says summer in America much like Barbecue or BBQ does. Like most things in America, early forms of BBQ immigrated from Europe with the colonists. However, many believe the original practice was created by the Indigenous Arawak people of the Caribbean and appropriated by the Spanish.

True American BBQ began with Eastern Carolina-style pit barbecue which involved roasting a full pig on a spit over a large fire. From there, a multitude of BBQ styles emerged with almost every state having their own unique style.

Alabama Barbecued Chicken
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While many traditional American barbecue dishes use ketchup as a base for flavor, Alabama Barbecued Chicken uses mayonnaise. The recipe is loved by many but notoriously difficult to cook as it can become unstable at high temperatures.

Barbecued Pork
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Barbecued pork is a US southern delicacy and is often prepared using techniques such as smoking, roasting, baking, braising, or grilling.

Barbecued Spare Ribs
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Pork spare ribs is a popular dish eaten around the world and can be prepared in many different styles. In America, the dish is often prepared barbecue style on a grill though it is sometimes fried or braised.
Note: This recipe is specifically for oven-roasted spare ribs though it can be adapted to grilling on a pit.

Banh Mi
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Well known as the “Vietnamese Poboy” in New Orleans, this Vietnamese take on the Cajun classic is popular in many cities throughout the United States such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland. The sandwich often consists of grilled pork, cilantro, and pickled vegetables on a sliced baguette.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends are a unique way to cook brisket that originated in Kansas City, Missouri. They are often served alongside the rest of the brisket or bread and is usually accompanied by a savory sauce. Burnt ends are the “leftovers” of the fattier side of the brisket, often referred to as the “point half”.

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National Grilling Month!

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