Nine Amazing Rice Dishes!

Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and rice)

A popular Latin American dish. This recipe features the Cuban take on the dish which includes mixed vegetables, fresh herbs called sofrito along with other seasonings.

Cajun Rice Salad (Also known as dirty rice and Cajun rice dressing)

Uses the traditional Cajun flavors of bell pepper and onions.

Charleston Red Rice

A southern specialty often found in Savannah Georgia or Charleston, South Carolina.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Wild rice is native to the U.S. and has a chewy texture and nutty flavor. This rice was a staple food for several Native American Tribes. California and Minnesota are the main producers of the wild rice in the United States currently. Cooking wild rice with chicken soup adds a special heartiness to the traditional comfort dish.

Cuban-Style Yellow Rice

Rice is a stable in most Cuban dishes and is often served with steamed black beans. The annatto powder used provides a peppery flavor to the rice when used in large quantities. In small quantities the powder merely changes the color of the rice and does not add to the taste.


Etouffee means “to smother” in French and is a dish found in both Cajun and Creole cuisine. Instead of tomato paste, Etouffee uses a rich brown butter roux and crawfish fat. Shrimp or crab can also be used.

Hawaiian Haystack

This has no connection to Hawaii despite the name and is popular among Seventh-day Adventists, Mennonite and Mormon communities. The dish is simply a base of cooked rice with multiple toppings placed upon it such as meat, beans or vegetables.

The “Hawaiian Haystack” specifically calls for coconut flavoring and pineapple.

Jollof Rice

World Jollof Rice Day is celebrated annually on August 22nd.
Jollof starts with a base of rice and tomatoes and then adds fragrant spices, local vegetables and sometimes meat. This dish is considered a West African specialty, with the dish originating in Northwestern Senegal.

Majedra (Spiced Lentils and Rice)

The earliest record of this recipe dates back to an Iraqi cookbook from 1226. Served with yogurt, vegetables and other side dishes.