June 4th is National Donut Day!

“New Mysteries. New Day. Fresh Doughnuts.” – David Lynch

This quote by eccentric director/filmmaker David Lynch is a perfect summary for a good morning start with a nice cup of coffee and a delicious donut. For many Americans, donuts are seen as an American past time. On June 4th we celebrate the history and culture of these delicious circular, doughy treats.

History of the Donut:
This link describes the origin of the donut and how it entered mainstream culture in the United States.
https://www.dawnfoods.com/insights/the-history-of-donuts-in-america, opens a new window

Glazed Doughnuts
A traditional yeast glazed doughnut

Also known as Portuguese doughnuts. Malasada is Portuguese for “undercooked” denoting their soft, doughy texture.

Also known as Polish Doughnuts.

Associated with the feast day of San Giuseppe or Saint Joseph on March 19th. Sometimes filled with anchovies instead of custard for New year’s celebrations.


Oliebollen (Dutch Donuts)
Also known as Olie-bollen or Oliebol. The pastry consists of fried dough filled with raisin and powdered with sugar.

Apple Cider Donuts

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National Donut Day!


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