Mystery Month: Become an International Sleuth!

May is Mystery Month!  To celebrate, we're going to think outside of the offering you a list of mysteries set around the world.

Why read mysteries that take place in foreign lands?  I'm so glad that you asked!  First, reading a book set in another country can be a bit like traveling from the comfort of your favorite chair.  You can experience different cultures, language, and environments without spending a fortune (or taking those pesky Malaria shots).  Second, you gain a better understanding of another culture and how it works.  You can get a better understanding of how crimes are handled in South Africa or Thailand.  You can learn more about the food and sayings in those places.  This will make you sound worldly and sophisticated.  Finally, reading books set in other countries will expand your knowledge of fun trivia.  Impress friends and strangers alike with your random knowledge of the official currency of Sweden (it's the krona, which means crown).  

So, if you're interested in travelling from the comfort of your own home while solving interesting mysteries, check out some of these titles:

International Mysteries

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