October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Sure, Halloween is around the corner, but ghosts and ghouls aren't the only scary things we think about in October.  October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  Whether you're watching football or grocery shopping, you can't help but see pink everywhere.  But have you actually stopped to think about your family and breast cancer?  

One thing you can do to catch breast cancer early is perform regular Breast Self-Exams (BSEs), as explained in this handout: http://www.womans.org/publications/2014/08/breast-self-examination, opens a new window.

But you shouldn't stop there.  You can learn more about breast cancer, as well as what symptoms to watch out for, by visiting the Breast Cancer page on Medline Plus: https://medlineplus.gov/breastcancer.html, opens a new window.  And, as always, talk to your doctor about your (and your family's) medical history.

If you or someone you love is battling this disease, check out some of our books below.

Battling Breast Cancer

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Whether it's you or someone you know, there are many resources out there about breast cancer. Here are a few books that we recommend.

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