Podcast Listener’s Guide: Love Hurts

This month is filled with candy, flowers, and hearts.  But not everyone is in the mood for love.  If you are a true crime fan, we have some great podcasts for you to explore.  In honor of Valentine's Day, we're focusing on cases of love gone wrong.  Some of these are stories of people killing the person they love most in the world; others prove that the couple that kills together doesn't always stay together.  Enjoy!

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What's a Podcast?

Maybe you've never heard of the term before...or maybe you're curious after hearing about breakout shows like Serial.  Either way, if you're a fan of true crime, you might enjoy podcasts.  A podcast is a series of digital episodes that you can listen to, usually for free.  Think of the old time radio programs like The Shadow or Flash Gordon, except on demand.   If you would like to learn more about podcasts and how to listen to them, ask our reference librarians for help!  Also, we have this handout that can help you get started!! Podcast_Handout, opens a new window