Read Harder 2019 Challenge Tasks #15 and #16

Welcome to another month of reading challenges!  This month we are highlighting tasks #15: A book of mythology or folklore and #16: An historical romance by an author of color.

Task #15 Read Harder 2019: A Book of Mythology or Folklore

We’ve rounded up a few classic mythology tales, folklore stories, and some books with their own created mythology or lore unlike anything else that’s ever been told.

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Task #16 Read Harder 2019: An Historical Romance by an Author of Color

For this task, author of color is anyone that is not Caucasian. Historical romance novels are novels that take place in the past. This can be anywhere from a book based in the 1920s to medieval times. As long as the book was not published in the time that it is written about. As for the romance part of it, the story should focus on 2 people, their romantic connection, and an optimistic ending.

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Happy Reading!