Record Store Day April 23rd

For many, records are considered an important pastime. While more convenient mediums to store music have been adopted, such as Compact Discs and digital storage in the modern age, record sales still remain unusually high.

There are multiple reasons for records remaining popular among all generations! For most, listening to music on records is a more personal experience to the individual than listening to music through other means. The act of flipping the record to side B instead of pushing a button on a screen is a more intimate way to interact with the music than more modern ways. It has also been proven records maintain higher fidelity rates than CDs, MP3s, or other digital music files.

There is also the myth that records provide better music quality than modern media. While aspects of this such as higher fidelity rates and better low frequency sounds are true, records introduce far more imperfections to the music than digital formats.

More and more stores are stocking vinyl records and even new music is getting vinyl pressing releases. While there are more convenient ways to listen to music now, it seems vinyl records are a classic past time that is here to stay.

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Record Store Day


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