My Hero Academia

Superheroes are everywhere in our media, and we're living in a time when their stories are celebrated.

This year alone, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature; Black Panther was nominated for Best Picture.  Wonder Woman made the American Film Institute's top 10 list in 2017, and Avengers: Endgame has recently taken the spot for the second highest-grossing movie in cinematic history.  Ever since the debut of Superman in 1938, the superhuman's influence on our culture has been evident, and today's highlighted series continues the celebration.

My Hero Academia is a manga written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.  In this world, 80% of the population has manifested spectacular powers colloquially named "quirks," and the opportunity to become a superhero is attainable.  Izuku Midoriya (aka "Deku") wanted to pursue this path to emulate his favorite hero All Might, the international symbol of peace and top ranked superhero in the world.  Only, Deku is part of the 20% who never manifested a quirk.  Could someone like him even become a hero if he doesn't have any powers?


While he may not have natural-born talent, Deku has the aptitude to do good.  It's enough to convince All Might to become his mentor and bestow him with the mysterious quirk, "One for All." It's also enough to allow him to attend U.A. High School, where the next generation of superhumans hone their skills.

Whether or not you're familiar with the manga format, this is an excellent series to read.  The author's love for superhero stories is evident throughout, and while not every character has a game-changing ability, any power can be used creatively.  The students are all appealing (yes, even Bakugou), and learning more about them can convince you to change your favorite character pick with every volume.

The library has spin-off and supplemental materials for this series, too.  The movie Two Heroes is a first for the series, School Briefs presents the story in novel form, and Smash!! is a more light-hearted interpretation with an emphasis on comedy.

How ever you want to digest this story, I cannot recommend it enough.

If you are currently reading or watching My Hero Academia, share your thoughts with us, and thank you for reading.