STEM in Kids’ Comics

STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  With a wide array of studies and interests in STEM, it's important to show the range of subjects that follow under this field.  Our library system has such a wide variety of these books for kids, we could only list so many!  Here are some of the comics whose content falls under STEM--

Babymouse- Dragonslayer
To make up a poor grade, Babymouse must participate in her school's Mathletes competition.  Will she be able to balance her education and imagination and excel when her team needs her most?

CatStronauts- Mission Moon
When a global energy crisis strikes, it's up to four astronautical felines and the World's Greatest Scientist to install an alternative power source on the moon.

Dinosaur Empire!
Ronnie's paleontologist neighbor Ms. Lernin takes her on an educational journey through the Mesozoic Era to learn about prehistoric life--including the magnificent dinosaurs!

Lowriders in Space
Three friends collaborate to modify a car into a smooth-cruising lowrider for a contest, where they could win money to open their own garage.

Secret Coders
Unravel the mystery surrounding Stately Academy's internal programming with Hopper and her friends!  Includes pauses in the story for readers to figure out coding puzzles before advancing to the next chapter with an answer.

Secret Smithsonian Adventures-The Wrong Wrights
The planes are gone from the museum!  And the grown-ups are acting like they never existed!  Join four students as they investigate this mystery of history while learning about aerodynamics and aviation.

Survive! Inside the Human Body
Explore the human body with Geo and Dr. Brain after their microscopic ship is accidentally swallowed by their friend, Phoebe.

Again, this is only a small portion of STEM-related books available to check out.  To learn more, search our online catalog and databases or visit your local library branch.

Join us in two weeks as we look through STEM comics for teens and adults!