The Shape of Water


St. Tammany Parish Libraries have an extensive collection of books and movies readily available to check out to patrons of all ages.  Here is but a peek of what we have in our catalog!

The Shape of Water is a 2017 film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro.  It received 13 Oscar nominations and won four--including Best Director and Best Picture.  The film is rated R for sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, and language.

The Shape of Water  takes place in 1962, Baltimore, Maryland.  The silent Elisa and her friend Zelda are night-shift janitors for a government facility which has recently received an asset.  The research conducted on this new arrival may help the United States in the Space Race.  The asset is revealed to be an amphibious man-shaped being, a creature who is intelligent but incapable of vocal speech.  Upon discovering him, Elisa grows close to the asset and hatches a plot to rescue and release him into the ocean.

This movie is inspired by the historical events that occurred in the early 1960s and films that were culturally popular at the time--most notably monster movies like The Creature from the Black Lagoon and the filmography of Hollywood's Golden Age.  This mixing of genre is a consistent element of del Toro's work--most notable examples from our collection are El Laberinto del Fauno, which combines fairy tales with a Spanish Civil War period piece, and Crimson Peak, a hybrid of traditional Gothic romance and ghost stories.

The Shape of Water  is also available as a book to check out at your local branch.  For more books or movies written, directed, or produced by Guillermo del Toro, feel free to check out our online catalog.  If any of these titles interest you, dive right in!