Tough Times at School

School is in full swing for our younger patrons, bringing with it a year of learning and growing.  Unfortunately, it's not always an easy time.  Things like bullying and peer pressure still creep into the school experience and sometimes it helps to know you're not alone.

All's Faire in Middle School
Imogen has grown up alongside the Renaissance fair where her parents work. Now that she's been transferred to public schooling, she needs to balance her love for fantasy and the very-real pressures of attending middle school.


Middle school is tough for Jensen--math is hard to figure out, he's picked last for group projects, two boys hunt him down for a good laugh, and it feels like his friends isolate him. When he's asked to help the newspaper club with a project of their own, will it give him the courage to face his problems head-on?


Olive is one of those kids that can get along with any of her classmates.  When the school talent show is announced, and her peers break off into their own groups, she finds herself alone.  What will she do?


New Kid
It's tough being the new kid.  Jordan Banks has transferred to a private school, and with it comes an atmosphere completely different than the one he's used to at home.  Can he make it through this new school culture while staying true to himself?


The Phantom Bully
Someone's been setting up Padowan Roan to look like a troublemaker at Jedi Academy.  He needs to figure out who it is before he's kicked out of the program for good!


Real Friends
A memoir of Shannon Hale's experiences in middle school. When her best friend starts to hang with the popular girls, Shannon must find a way to adjust to the changing relationships in her life, from her family to her classmates.


The Witch Boy
In Aster's family, women and girls learn witchcraft while men and boys learn to shapeshift.  Despite the stern talks from adults and jabs from other children, Aster wants to learn the same spells as his mother and sisters.  When boys begin to disappear, will Aster be able to use his secret skills to save them?  And will his family be able to understand the path he has chosen?

Thank you for reading.